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Protecting automotive paint since 2002

This photo shows an installation in
 progress on a Porsche 911. (The area of the hood, to the left of the emblem is completed)


  • The brand of paint protection film
  • The type of patterns being used
  • The installer
  • A very clean shop

As professional paint protection shop, we stock bulk   Xpel Ultimate, Solargard Clearshield pro and 3M Pro series Paint Protection Films in rolls ranging in size from 6" to 60".  A roll of film is loaded into a plotter    ( a cutting device ).  The tech then uses a computer to choose the correct pattern to be installed from a data base of designs that are created by pattern companies like XPEL or 3M Digital Designs or Solargard Custom Cut.  The pattern is sent to the plotter for cutting. Once the kit is cut, it is ready for the installer to put it on the car.

These are the XPEL patterns for a Corvette Stingray. Shown are the components for the hood, fenders, mirrors and bumper. Patterned (or precut kits) are always the recommended choice when installing clearbra.

Our standard package for most vehicles includes the front bumper, about 18 -20" of the hood, fenders and mirrors.  Other options are available.

We run two precision Graphtec plotters for accurate cutting of Paint Protection and Headlight Protection kits.


  • Xpel, Solargard or 3M PAINT PROTECTION FILM.
  • Patterns (also known as kits) designed by XPEL TECHNOLOGIES
  • Factory trained and Certified installers.

In addition to PAINT PROTECTION FILM, we also install Headlight Protection Kits designed and manufactured by XPEL.   Headlights are expensive to replace. Our kits will protect your lights from pitting, dulling down from sand blasting, and discoloring.

Headlights can be done with 8 mil paint protection film from any of the manufacturers, or 30 mil headlight protection film from Xpel. 8 mil is fine for normal driving, but for extreme driving and racing we recommend the 30 mil film. Some headlights can not be done with the 30 mil film due to the compound curves.  Contact us for available options for your vehicle. 8 mil film is virtually invisible and optically clear with a very slight edge.  30 mil film is much thicker, has a heavy edge and a slight wave or rippled effect. In most cases 8 mil film is the best choice, and its less expensive.